Furniture Collection

■Collection Style / Ritzwellが捉えるコレクションスタイル


*Collection Style - Collection Style Perceived by Ritzwell -

With Furniture with Memories as its core value, the product design by Ritzwell is required to have an innovative, and at the same time simple, design concept with the context of beautiful tool that does not follow the trends, while being authentic furniture that exemplifies the core value.
Union between two different concepts of innovativeness and authentic furniture is the unique perception of collection styles by Ritzwell. It targets Japan and other international furniture markets, where attention for highly artistic furniture is recently rapidly increasing, and aims to make a new value available to bodily sensation through restfulness, comfort from materials, or attachment that are not available from mass-produced items. It is also the point of origin shared by all collections by the company.
Without placing stoicalness or sharpness of art in the centre of its design, Ritzwell makes varied endeavour for roomy easy chairs and other authentic furniture where lightheartedness and elegance are united. This endeavour is the origin of the main collections of Ritzwell.