Ritzwell is a Japanese furniture brand and is involved in the whole process from design to manufacturing which is carried out entirely in Japan. Since its establishment in 1992, Ritzwell has continuously pursued the creation of high-quality pieces of furniture which are made from excellent materials and demonstrate superior craftsmanship.
Ritzwell’s head office is located in Fukuoka city, and its showrooms are in both Tokyo and Osaka. In addition, Ritzwell has an overseas branch in Milan, Italy,and is able to promote the company’s products via its worldwide distribution network.



Since its establishment in 1992, Ritzwell has been committed to creating furniture made entirely in Japan.“The furniture feels irreplaceable for both its creator and user because of the deep sense of attachment, which develops as time passes.” This precious experience with customers is the driving force for Ritzwell ‘s intricate manufacturing process. By continuously striving to improve both the practical and aesthetic features of the products, Ritzwell creates furniture which embodies beautiful designs and great comfort, in addition to being durable to the aging process. The different types of furniture are made from high-quality materials and crafted into elaborate artifacts. These create a warm and peaceful atmosphere which become a central part of one’s daily life. Mass production lines cannot replicate these features. The furniture with a beautiful appearance gives us not only a mild impression but also a sense of dignity. Ritzwell hopes that their products help make people feel calm and relaxed, regardless of differences in cultures and customs.



Ritzwell strives to create artifacts with which the owner will develop a sense of attachment. For this reason, the craftsmanship is based on sophisticated and refined materials, timeless designs and a sense of unity between the creator and the future owner. Ritzwell's ideal furniture has an unwearied design which stands the test of time and has a natural charm to which the customer forms a deep attachment.



The Ritzwell brand continually pursues the ideal and prioritizes its belief in product design. All the items are designed according to Ritzwell's originality, rather than the individuality of the designers or craftspeople. The original Ritzwell designs are based on traditional Japanese aesthetics. At the same time, Ritzwell carefully considers what the furniture should look and feel like, drawing ideas from Western culture and history. Ritzwell keeps the originality since its establishment. You can find signs of Ritzwell's unique identity in all its products.



Ritzwell is proud of the beauty and practicality of their pieces of furniture. While gradually benefiting from new materials and technological advances, Ritzwell can conceal metallic textures and transform them into something sympathetic, organic and nostalgic which captivate people's hearts and minds. The artifacts immediately catch people's attention. The more the products are admired and touched, the greater the desire to own them becomes. They make their owners feel relaxed and calm. In our modern world, where science and technology are highly advanced, people need something to enrich their lives more than ever before. Ritzwell believes that their furniture's primary mission is to provide greater comfort in the daily lives of their customers.


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