Since its establishment in 1992, despite modern tendencies to praise convenience and novelty, Ritzwell has continued to protect the careful process of furniture creation by the hands of Japanese artisans while also aiming to create furniture that enriches people’s hearts and accompanies them through their lives.

Ritzwell makes furniture to Japanese sensitivity. The deep feelings of both designers and users for our furniture grow over time, making each piece a beloved friend... and that recognition drives us to pour our hearts into new masterpieces.

Each Ritzwell design is born of the gentle flow of time in our daily lives. Ritzwell breathes the essence of warmth into our furniture by combining quality materials with delicate craftsmanship. This isn’t mass production: this is the creation of art to blend into your daily lives.

Beautiful furniture: quiet, subtle, but undeniably an expressive presence in your room. Like music or art, our goal is to make furniture that becomes a part of your daily life, surpassing artificial boundaries of culture and custom to bring peace and tranquility to people everywhere.



Technology and craftsmanship coexist at Ritzwell: technology guarantees the best production methods and long-lasting products, while handcrafted finishings are an expression of the artisan skills found in haute couture workshops. As a result, the brand’s appeal continues to grow among architects and interior designers, also because of its vast range of high-end projects for private dwellings and commercial spaces (offices, hotels or the contract sector).

The designers SHINSAKU MIYAMOTO and ATELIER D.Q. have always teamed research into style with research into materials, which are must-haves in products of excellence. At the company-cum-workshop every product is a new, fundamental step in the company mission: to disseminate the aesthetic concept of beauty, in keeping with Japanese tradition, and to deliver a perfect example of design that is all about simple harmony, pure equilibrium and an unmistakable style.

Ritzwell Crafts
Ritzwell Crafts
Ritzwell Crafts

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