Because solid wooden products are made from natural wood, each product has a different grain and appearance. The various knots, gum pockets, and shade of the wood are what give it its natural character. Ritzwell uses these natural qualities in its designs and aims to bring out the essential qualities of the wood. Note that, because of this variance, actual products may look slightly different than pictured. In addition, natural wood changes in color as it ages over time, developing a patina unique to that wood.



Solid wood_ Thick, solid wood is used, providing a very natural texture and appearance. One of the unique features of solid wood is that the grain, knots, and color variegation are different with each piece. Solid wood is also held to naturally regulate humidity by absorbing and expelling moisture as needed.
Veneer_ Carefully selected solid wood is sliced to a thickness of 0.2 mm to create veneer. Products made with veneer make efficient use of attractive looking lumber, so a finish with a consistent and attractive appearance can be achieved. In addition, coating veneer with polyurethane gives it strong water-resistant capabilities and makes maintenance easier.



Leather is a product of nature, and for that very reason suffers from a number of defects, such as various wrinkles and scars gained during nurture and growth. In the manufacturing process, efforts to create leather with the most natural, high-quality feel often make these defects stand out, or cause discoloration.
Any attempt to hide a defect, or prevent discoloration, usually degrades the quality of the leather, making it look plain and even artificial. At Ritzwell we use only high-grade leather in our furniture products, and are working to develop new techniques for leather processing that can deliver an even more enjoyable feel while retaining the outstanding quality of natural leather. To ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the fascination of leather products, our Leather Collection offers a variety of feels and finishes. The Ritzwell Collection was developed through proven technology and refined sensitivity, with color and feel that change over the years, as it becomes an old friend.



Thick leather is one of the characteristic materials in support of the Ritzwell design. The thickness is more than double regular leather. The characteristics include stable durability and a beautifully firm texture. The leather is usually used as the top layer of sofas and chairs. This thick leather is used as the top layer and has a face as one of unique structural materials due to its thickness and resistance to stretching. The unique structural design of the thick leather of Ritzwell is born upon an encounter with this material. The thick leather gains durability because it is processed with traditional vegetable tanning. This characteristic adds genuine beauty to the leather through aging while retaining the unique firmness of thick leather. The attractiveness of thick leather includes delicate processing at the corners, including the cut surfaces of the leather and beautiful stitching to further highlight its expression of beauty. Enjoy the skills of the Materialsmen, which are especially highlighted with simple materials.



The fabric is a crucial element in determining the impression that a chair or sofa makes. The design of the fabric is of course important, but at Ritzwell we have selected a wide variety of fabrics from top-class manufacturers, in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, that matches our vision with beauty and durability. Our warm, natural color range blends with your interior design easily, while adding an exotic, delightful hue to the room.
Texture, mood, thread and stitch types, and even weaving techniques are carefully selected, creating the highest quality fabrics through proven technology to bring you durability and softness. The beautiful textures born of multi-colored thread, the delicate weaving, and even thread diameter, are all evaluated carefully to ensure that the finished fabric stretches and shadows perfectly to bring out all the fascination of Ritzwell creations.



The design using belts is an indispensable component of Ritzwell products. The belt adds a unique atmosphere to the design. It is popular as a material and used uniquely in a variety of ways. The fabric belt adds a lightweight, casual impression, while the thick leather belt offers a dignified, modern expression. Please select your favorite color from the color variations in these materials.


Ritzwell Materials
Ritzwell Materials
Ritzwell Materials
Ritzwell Materials

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