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A special athmosfere at Hall 5 | Booth D14
Recounting the attention to detail and comfort found in every project

Ritzwell: an increasingly popular Japanese brand that finds its new dimension in Hall 5. This is a key moment for the Japanese brand that is acknowledged worldwide for its skillful production of upholstered products and furniture, through a hand-made manufacturing process deeply inspired by the local tradition.

Since its establishment in 1992, Ritzwell has always been able to rely on the superior craftmanship of Japanese artisans, with the goal of creating furniture and interior design items that speak to people’s hearts and build lifelong relationships with them.

Ritzwell’s instinctive and profound attention to people and their everyday lives is the leitmotiv of its 2017 exhibition at the Salone del Mobile. The space is plain and natural with a distinctive Japanese touch to it. The choice of black and white walnut - the company’s wood of choice - within a natural and plain exhibition space, is in line with this year’s color trends, while adding Ritzwell’s distinguishing touch.

This is the setting for the presentation of Ritzwell’s new high back easy chair: Beatrix, a product of Shinsaku Miyamoto’s creative genius. With a higher backrest which seems to coax you into taking the time to relax, Beatrix’s design will not pass unnoticed in your living room. Here again, practicality and great comfort are inextricably combined in an object capable of creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. It is a product you wish to sit on to gradually release your tensions and soothe your fatigue. Beatrix is a successful mix of different materials: wood, leather and textiles guarantee an unimaginable level of comfort. Its cushions, delicately embracing your body, evenly distribute the weight of your back and legs: you will feel as if you are floating in the air. The overall sensation is that of natural warmth, inspired by human instincts and emotions, created through refined shapes of undeniable beauty, with materials made even finer by the passing of time.

This is Ritzwell’s concept for creating a space for ease and well-being in our daily lives, where we can relax in an intimate and cozy ambience. The softness of the textiles, along with the graceful and smooth lines of the design, both contribute to emphasize the magnificent beauty of the materials. Ritzwell, an oasis of calm in the midst of modern hustle and bustle, will be waiting for you at Hall 5 - Booth D14 to discover its new collection.



SHINSAKU MIYAMOTO SHINSAKU MIYAMOTO, was born in 1978 in the Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. After obtaining his degree in Architecture at Kyushu Sangyo University, he worked for Hida-Takayama, a well-known wood furniture manufacturer. While traveling around Italy on his own, at the age of 25, he took a training course at a classical production workshop in Meda. Back in Japan, he began a very personal interpretive path. He is presently Creative Director at Ritzwell, where he introduced a new interpretation of design. He was awarded the IF Design Award for his LIGHT FIELD sofa.
ROBERTO DI STEFANO ROBERTO DI STEFANO, born in Milan in 1981, obtained his degree in Design at Politecnico in Milan in 2004. He then received a master’s degree in Interior Design (2006). His career started at the Piero Lissoni design studio (2004-2010), where he worked on several offices and retail projects, particularly in the United States. He is currently working on the renovation project for Knoll’s London offices and the Kerakoll Design Gallery in Milan. He has worked on different projects as a freelancer in Sicily, Venice, Geneva and Eindhoven. He collaborates with the AA School of Architecture of London and Paolo Castelli Spa. He teaches product design at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan.

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