Salone del Mobile 2016

Ritzwell exhibited at Hall 5 as the first brand from Asia in the history of the Salone del Mobile Milano and attracting the public’s attention.

The Salone del Mobile Milano 2016 marked Ritzwell’s fourth year as an independent exhibitor. Of the exhibits at the Salone, Hall 5 is where the world's leading interior design brands showcase products. Now only as the first brand from Japan, but also from Asia, the news of Ritzwell making its first appearance at Hall 5 drew a lot of attention.

BLACK&WHITE, embraced with a fresh atmosphere, is Ritzwell’s idea for this year.

Preserving the charms of furniture crafted with exceptional techniques and careful handiwork, Japanese woodcrafters bring natural oak grains to the fore of the design to express black and white with a sense of warmth. Coupled with the beauty of Ritzwell’s iconic walnut furniture, it is infused with modern and elegant design details. Ritzwell’s new MO Table Series comes in various sizes and offers soft silhouette unique to solid wood as an accent to a space while creating a gentle rhythm in the tones of BLACK&WHITE. This attempt of adding new essence to Ritzwell’s unique world was highly acclaimed by buyers and top creators around the world as fascinating design not seen in other manufacturers.
On a philosophical note, Ritzwell’s unique design embraces the changes of expression created with time as one of design elements. With our attitude of ensuring accuracy in manufacturing, our creativity and design pursue the essence of beauty while capitalizing on material characteristics. The beauty of our fascinating furniture collections is enhanced with the march of the times. Thanks to the mastership of dealers with taste, it is our utmost pleasure that Ritzwell further enjoys a great deal of publicity throughout the world from the venue of the Salone del Mobile Milano.This year also marked the second year for the collaboration of Shinsaku Miyamoto, the Ritzwell creative director and product designer, and our Italian team led by Roberto Di Stefano, the art director of Ritzwell. Enhanced by effectively distributed lighting of the beautiful contrast between light and shadow, the combination of black and white tones instills nuance into the design. Centered on the screen inspired by shoji door, the booth design featured a single flow created with an extensive use of straight-line lighting effects and geometry patterns as an artistic feature. Added with oak and brass objects to represent the color of furniture, Ritzwell showcased a sense of warmth presented with a modern taste while bringing uniqueness to the fore.

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