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As we wait to meet everyone at the next edition of the Salone del Mobile which has been postponed to the week of 13-18 April 2021 due to the global health emergency caused by the spread of the Covid 19 virus, Ritzwell has the pleasure to present the products it has made this year.

The new proposals created by Ritzwell for 2020 bear witness to the quality of the design and the preciousness of the workmanship, two features which have characterised the entire production of the Japanese company since its origins in 1992.

The brand is extending its collection of padded seating solutions entitled RIVAGE LOUNGE CHAIR, which skilfully combines the essential metallic frame with soft armrests in polished wood. Conceived to satisfy the needs of home offices as well as contracts, the MO BRIDGE SMALL DESK and MO BRIDGE STOOL concentrate a harmonious dialogue between wood and leather into a limited size. Finally, the MT BENCH stands out due to its carefully studied proportions, which are enhanced by the elaborate weave of leather straps on the seat combined with the essential wooden or steel structure.

This year’s production shows a further development in Ritzwell’s research process aimed at creating a synthesis between the fundamentals of Japanese philosophy and an essential formal language that meets the contemporary taste. The minimal shapes, increasingly sophisticated materials and finishes, combined with the perfection of the workmanship and the extreme attention to detail clearly reveal the millennial mastery of the Japanese craftsmen and the translation of that knowledge into evolved technologies and a highly contemporary elegance. Ritzwell’s creations do not respond to the fashions of the moment; rather, they speak to a renewed and deep desire for objects that can speak to the eyes and to the heart, both today and in the future.

RIVAGE Lounge Chair has now been added to the RIVAGE seating line. The steel frame paired with a soft seat introduces a contemporary design, which is at once light and appealing, while the comfortable armrests in walnut or oak bring out the warmth of the wood. Inspired on the typical curved shape of the roofs in Japanese temples and shrines built in the Asuka and Nara periods in the 7th and 8th centuries, these armrests gently accommodate and support the arms, conveying a sense of relaxation and security. The RIVAGE lounge chair perfectly matches any interior thanks to the various finishes and colours available for the steel frame.

MT BENCH_Design Shinsaku Miyamoto
The MT BENCH offers an interweaving game and a combination of quality materials that represent the encounter between tradition and modernity. The interwoven leather straps on the seat convey a pleasant sensation of warmth and perfectly match the structure in steel and solid walnut or oak. The attention to detail, such as the pure lines and rounded edges of the surface, makes this structure a harmonising element in any environment. The bench is available in different colour combinations and in two sizes.

MO BRIDGE SMALL DESK_Design Shinsaku Miyamoto
The MO BRIDGE collection is characterised by elegance and sophistication, with its soft lines and combinations of quality materials. Ancient craftsmanship merges with minimal shapes to generate the contemporary essence of these pieces. The desk combines pure volumes in solid walnut or oak with a fine decorative surface in smooth leather.

MO BRIDGE STOOL_Design Shinsaku Miyamoto
The MO BRIDGE stool offers a seat crafted from fine woven leather. Thanks to its essential design, it can decorate the interiors of contemporary, elegant and comfortable living spaces in any style, but it is also perfect for furnishing showrooms and hotels. Care for details and precision encounter craftsmanship and research.

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