Ritzwell presents Beatrix with fabric shell



Designed by Shinsaku Miyamoto, the Beatrix High back easy chair is an elegant fusion of comfort and fluid lines born from the skilful combination of various design elements such as fine wood, fabric and high-quality vegetable tanned thick leather. It has a highly expressive shape, bearing timeless modernity and resonating with the lines of Scandinavian design from the 1950s.
In line with the philosophy of the Japanese brand, Beatrix is designed to adjust to the human body and needs, offering a highly comfortable "nest" to those who rest on it, conveying a sense of peace and warmth. The soft back cushion gently envelops the body while the boldly curved headrest cuts you off from environmental noise and 180o degree vision, providing a pleasant sense of security and calm to whoever sits in it.

An elegant refuge from everyday stress, Beatrix is introduced as an element of family living. The balanced inclination between the backrest and the seat, as well as the perfect hardness and consistency of the padding are a result of in-depth ergonomic studies.
The structure is available in walnut or oak in natural oil finish, or in polyurethane finish in black or white. The upholstery of the padded parts, the back and seat, is available in leather or fabric.
The leather coating of the frame is now joined by a version in soft leather and another in fabric: these new solutions offer different tactile and chromatic combinations, introducing more versatile variants and more accessible proposals compared to the original declination to suit multiple environments and design needs. In addition to the colour of the leather, customers can choose a fabric among 80 options provided in the catalogue. With a view to increasing customization, Ritzwell also offers clients a chance to choose the hue of the stitched profile in relief that underlines the lines of the seat, transforming it into a sophisticated element of decoration in contrast.

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